What is Potty Glove?

A UNIQUE Personal Hygiene Experience

We designed Potty Glove™ because, well, stuff happens when you are out in the wild. Before Potty Glove™ we had to make "doo" with whatever we could find. Now there is a 100% germ-proof solution for personal hygiene no matter where you are! The kit includes a pair of nitrile medical style gloves, 5 pre-moistened toweletts and a re-useable zip lock bag to stow the used contents until proper disposal becomes available.

World's ONLY Glove Mounted Wipes

The wipes are right where you need them for super easy access: mounted and secured to the back of the glove on the non-dominant hand. These can be used to clean up any type of mess leaving your hands just as clean as before. There is no need for soap & water, and we all know how effective hand sanitizers can be, not to mention that pleasant alcohol residue taste on the next sandwich you eat.

100% Germ-Free Clean Up

When this kit is used as directed, you can have a 100% germ-free personal hygiene experience. Used gloves and wipes are triple sealed to safely and discreetly pack out, leaving your hands clean and uncontaminated.

Pack it In and Pack it Out

This kit is extremely compact as well as easily stowable and allows you to pack it out after use. At 4 x 3¼ x ½", it is small enough to fit in any pocket . Once the wipes are used, they are tucked into one glove which is then peeled-off inside-out over itself with the other glove and re-stashed inside the Ziploc™ bag that is non-transparent. They are then ready for discreet transport until a garbage can comes in sight.

Save Our Planet

Clean and green is our philosophy. Our forests and trails are littered with toiletries that are left behind and can take years to degrade. Our goal is to create a bathroom experience when there is no bathroom that leaves our beautiful outdoor spaces as unspoiled as they were intended to be. We all have an important responsibility to pass on in a worthy manner what we are now enjoying to those who come after us.

Made in the USA

This product is manufactured in our home town and is supporting the local economy.

"One Sleeve Steve"